Upcoming Montreal Used Book Sales 2018
This is now over 20 years old. Back in 1997, someone who I felt was too focused on organizing people than organizing information posted to the local newsgroup, mtl.general, about a "book swap". I posted a reply pointing out all the used book sales we have in this city. When you can get a book for fifty cents, or even a dollar, that's pretty close to free. And after that, when there were a bunch of used book sales coming up, I'd post a message to the newsgroup. A few years back, I started putting the same information on this webpage, and that's the only form it exists in now.

Some of this in February is based on early information, so it's always possible the dates will be different, but also times are often not released early.
Greenfield Park book sale March 3rd
Pointe Claire used book sale March 10th
Westmount Book Fair March 10th
Laval amateur radio fleamarket March 24th
Montreal Amateur Radio Club fleamarket April 7
Westmount Library book sale April 7-8
Pointe Claire Library used book sale April 13-14
Summerlea Church in Lachine book sale April 13-14
Beaconsfield Library book sale April 21
Beaconsfield community garage sale April 21
Cote St. Luc library book sale April 21-22
Dorval Library book sale April 25-29
ConU Coop Bookstore book sale April 27-29
Greenfield Park United Church book room April 28
Centre Greene used book sale May 4-5
Montreal West United Church book sale May 5
CDN Scouts bazaar, with books, May 5
St. Philip's Church in MTL West book and garage sale May 12
Friends of the Montreal Library used book sale May 19 to 27
SPCA Monteregie used book sale May 25-26
Cote St. Luc mega garage sale May 27
Grande Bibliotheque used book sale May 29-June 2
Goethe Institute used book sale June 5-11
Transition NDG garage sale June 9
Pettes Memorial Library in Knowlton used book sale July 14-15
Atwater Library lawn used book sale July 24
South Shore University Women's Club book sale Aug 15-18
MONSFFA used book sale Nov 17?

Saint Paul's Anglican Church in Greenfield Park is having their annual book sale on Saturday March 3rd (note: 3 days ahead I see I had the wrong date, I'm sorry) from 9:00 to 14:00, at 321 Empire Avenue. Actually it's a "Book, game and Puzzle sale". A closer look finds a poster on their webpage, and it mentions CDs and DVDs as well as the books, puzzles and games. This isn't the first year they've had a book sale, but I think I sometimes miss it. I assume they want donations but I don't know the process.

The Valois United Church in Pointe Claire is having their annual "Book, Bake and Craft" sale on Saturday March 10th, (last year it was from 9:30 to 12:30) at 70 Belmont Avenue in Pointe Clair, "in Fellowship Hall". They have a notice on their main page, but no details. I'm sure they want donations but I don't see anything at their site about how to do that. This is a regular event, I've never been so I don't know how much of it is books and how much the rest. Like some of the smaller church book sales, I suppose this one is more like a local one, a chance for the congregation to meet.

The Westmount Book Fair will be on Saturday March 10th from 10:00 to 17:00 at Centre Greene, 1090 Greene Avenue (in the block below Dorchester). In mid-Feburary pedestrians can come up Greene from below, but it was closed to traffic, not sure if that will be the case on March 10th. Of course Centre Greene will be having their own used book sale in April or May. Admission has been $3 (free for children, though I wasn't interested in antique books at that age). This is not a used book sale in the sense of most that get listed here, this is a collection of used book dealers, I think they'd generally classify themselves as "antiquarian booksellers", each with their own tables, bringing in a select number of books. They've already prowled the used book sales and such, this is what they've winnowed out.

I went a few years ago, when it was practically the next street over, just to see what it was like. A mix of old and not so old, these were selected books rather than a large quantity. One dealer was selling old maps, there were some old posters too, paper things that might be found when sorting through an old collection of books. Some of the tables were familiar, The Word was there, as was Peter Hechtman. These are the people who are likely to be able to find (or at least look for) something obscure, they know books. It wasn't crowded when I went, but these are the people to get to know if you're looking for something out of the ordinary. They know books, and network with other book dealers, and are likely out there at the book sales looking for this sort of book. Maybe I should see if they are interested in the bits of old newspaper I jsut dug out of a chest that hasn't seen daylight since at least 1947, but seems to have even older newspapers. One section doesn't even bother putting the year on the front cover.

The Club Radioamateur Laval Laurentides is having their annual fleamarket on Saturday March 24th at Georges-Vanier High School, 3995 Boulevard Levesque East, Laval. It runs from 9:00 to 12:00. The site has a map. Admission is $7.00, a table costs $10.

And like the other amateur radio fleamarkets I mention, this is a specialty thing, but people interested in hobby elkectronics or amateur radio might find something of interest here. I've never been to this one, and I'm not sure how accessible it is without a car, but usually there is lots of amateur radio equipment, but also used books and magazines about radio and hobby electronics, maybe computers, who knows. A chance to learn about amateur radio, one can even take the test for the license (though I don't know if one has to register for that ahead of time). If people can't get to this one, the Montreal Amateur Radio Club will be having their fleamarket in April, the listing below.

As always, it's not a used book sale, but the Montreal Amateur Radio Club should be having their annual fleamarket (the website doesn't yet have details) on Saturday April 7th, from 9:00 to 12:00 at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #212 (LaSalle) which is at 7771 Bouvier (Corner of Shevchenko) in Lasalle. Admission is 6.00, official details are here. The club rents the space, then rents tables to individuals who have things to sell related to the hobby of amateur radio. I put it on the list because they are lousy at promotion, but it might be a place to find books and magazines about hobby electronics and radio, and if you're interested in that, then there may be parts or test equipment or whatever for sale. It depends on who is selling. At one point computer equipment was making inroads into this fleamarket, but I haven't been in years, so I don't know what all might appear. That Legion location seemed terribly small, but they moved there from a much nicer arena in CSL because the demand wasn't there a decade or more ago. I really should go and sample this one again, but often there is conflict with book sales.

The Friends of the Westmount Library (they've changed the URL again, I need to update that) are having their spring used book sale on Saturday April 7th and Sunday April 8th, both days 10:00 to 17:00, at Victoria Hall, 4626 Sherbrooke Street West, which is about the western end of Westmount Park. Basically just west of the Library. They want donations, they can be dropped off at the front desk at the library when it's open. They apparently take donations throughout the year (of course, they have another one in the fall, so it makes sense).

Note the greenhouse is still not open. In the fall of 2015, some glass fell and it was closed immediately, not even staff allowed in. And it took sometime to do a proper examination, by drone. I guess they've decided how to rebuild it, I'm not sure when that will happen. In two stages, deal with the greenhouse for the public, then decide about the one used for growing things, since the City buys more than it grows, unlike years ago when the greenhouse was needed for growing the plants for the city. So no chance to go into the humid atmosphere before or after the book sale, despite the greenhouse being right between Victoria Hall and the library.

I'm prone to skipping this one, too "upscale" and the prices are higher. I sample it every so often, and while I did find something completely uncommon three years ago, I can't say I generally see much that jumps out at me. A lot of "now" type books, most of the science fiction section two years was "Twilight" type books, and even the non-fantasy was mostly recent authors I've never heard of. For a long time, missing a book sale which I'd gone to previously would nag at me, "will I miss something?", which of course is why I keep going to some. But the prices are too high at this one, and I don't see a lot of interest, though that is partly because of the pricing. It sure seems like the prices are higher "because people can afford it", something I remember from some other sales in Westmount. I can resist paying $3 for a DVD. On the other hand, I suspect they are getting at least some of the books that the McGill Book Faire used to get, this one has grown over the year, and even looks like McGill complete with volunteers wearing aprons.

The Friends of the Pointe Claire Library are having their spring used book sale on Friday April 13th (15:00 to 20:00) and Saturday the 14th, (9:00 to 15:00). Actual Friends of the Library members can get in earlier, on Friday from 11:00 to 13:00. (Sorry about that, I forget about adding the times until the day before.) It will be at the actual main branch of the Library, which is at 100 Douglas Shand Avenue. I'm sure they want donations, I think they take them year around, skim out any suitable for the library collection and then the rest to the sales. (They have one in the fall too). They were looking for volunteers, maybe still need some at the last minute.

One can take the 211 from Lionel Grioux, and get off at St. John's Blvd, less than an hour travel. Just walk up, it's not that far beyond the overpass. You get up the hill, see the firestation, and the library is just beyond that.

I've been a few times, it's mostly library discards, thus mostly hardcover. They have had a decent selection of CDs and DVDs, even some computer games, though those too seemed to be mostly library discards. I didn't see any magazines last spring. The discards seem to be in fairly good shape, not even much marking from the library. I think I can take it or leave it. I think I'll get to it, if I can go on the Friday.

The Summerlea United Church in Lachine is having a used book sale on Friday April 13th, from 10:00 to 17:00, and on Saturday April 14th from from 10:00 to 15:00 at 225-50th Ave. When I checked earlier, it was only on the Saturday, but a notice in The Suburban said the book sale stars on Friday, and now their website says that too. But, only on the Saturday is the Artisan Fair, along with baked goods and a lunch room. In the past they've had book sales, now it's morphed a bit, so like some others, I'm not sure how good a book sale this may be. I'm sure they want donations, not sure of the process.

The Beaconsfield Library will be having a spring used book sale on Saturday April 21st, 8:30 to 16:00 at the actual library, which is at 303 Beaconsfield Blvd. This isn't hard to miss, there's a big sports complex there, and parking in front, with the library in a smaller building towards the west, closer to the street. The 211 bus stops right in front. They say mostly discards, with some donations, and some CDs, DVDs and magazines. I'm sure they want donations, I don't know the process.

This one seems to vary, they have one in the fall too and that seems to have a larger and more interesting selection, but there often is no consistency to a book sale, one year good things, the next nothing much that I find. That's why going is important, you can't know until you get there whether there is something you want. Last spring I didn't find it, though maybe I didn't look hard enough. I saw no signs.

This isn't a book sale, but there will be a community garage sale on Saturday April 21st, 8:30 to 13:00 at the Beaconsfield Recreation Centre, 1974 City Lane which is just next to the library, though further back from the street. I'm putting this in because it may be interesting in itself, I saw a fair number of DVDs up for sale one year, but since it's at the same time and about the same place as the Beaconsfield Library book sale, one might as well take in both. People rent tables from the city for a fee and then offer up their own stuff for sale. These seem to attract commercial dealers, but it can be quite packed, with buyers and sellers, so I think homeowners were there. A good cluster, and preceeding the weather for outdoor garage sales. Three years ago I didn't see that much I wanted, that portable shortwave radio was more than I was willing to spend, but I did get a 12X zoom 5mp digital camera for $20. In 2016, I got some interesting computer bits, for very little. And it drew a decent crowd. It's a good start to the garage sale season, happening a bit before the weather warms up for the outside sales. Though I guess those will start up on the 28th, the warm weather arrives, unless it rains.

Note: Last year closer to the date, I saw classified ads for two nearby schools that were having similar events, the schools renting tables inside to the public. Makes a good cluster, though I went into one, quite packed, but mostly kid's items. I decided to skip the other one. But something to watch for, and when/if I see a notice, I'll put the info here. And the reason for mentioing these is if anyone's going to the book sale, they can take these in too.

The Eleanor London Cote Saint-Luc Public Library is having a spring used book sale on Saturday, April 21st and Sunday April 22nd, both days from 11:00 to 17:00 , at the library, 5851 Cavendish Blvd. in Cote Saint-Luc. Note this is back to their "traditional" date, last year it was at the end of May. I'm sure they want donations, but not sure of the process. Three years ago there was a notice about leaving books at the library the last two days before the sale, but I don't know if that holds this year, or what.

If I plan it right, I can get up there in half an hour taking the 104, though maybe that was when I went on a Sunday. The Library is about across from the Cavendish Mall. But it's a less frequent bus, so randomly waiting at the bus stop makes it a slow wait. I sadly spend less time with the books at this one, they have been having a good selecton of movies (on both VHS and DVD) and CDs, and it's right there as I go in. By the time I get through all of that, I'm worn down. But these don't seem to be library discards, or at least not in large quantity. They try to keep the paperback fiction in alphabetical order, but that wears down with the sale. I've done well getting movies at this one, the first year I went (only a few years ago) I bought about 30 VHS movies, a mix of recent and classic; fewer since then, but buying that many at a time tends to clear out a lot of interesting films for the next time. The number of DVDs has crept up, and they have endless CDs. Watch out though. Last year I came home with a foreign version of a movie, that I can't play, and another DVD box was empty. Not the fault of the sale, or even specific to any sale, but always worth double checking. They did have computer books (unlike some sales these days), and I've found some interesting things there, but that seems to be tapering off. It is worth going, and I regret never bothering up until I started to go a few years ago. It is a dim room, however. It seems quieter, but then I've not been at opening. At least this year I can go fresh, or at least after taking in some garage sales, instead of hopping between three book sales the same day.

In 2014 (and I think in 2017), pocket size paperbacks were fifty cents, hard and large paperbacks were a dollar each. VHS movies were fifty cents, DVDs were a dollar, audio books (they had some) were 1.00. CDs were only fifty cents. "Special items" (presumably marked as such) were 5.00. Though I didn't notice any with the five dollar price.

The Friends of the Dorval Library are having their annual used book sale on Wednesday April 25th (19:00 to 20:00), Thursday April 26 and Friday April 27th (13:00 to 20:00) and Saturday April 28th and Sunday April 29th (10:00 to 16:00) at the Peter B. Yeoman's Cultural Centre at 1401 Lakeshore Drive in Dorval. For members of the actual Friends group, they can get in on the Wednesday starting at 17:00. They want donations of "books, CDs, and DVDs" and they can be dropped off at the cultural centre between 10:00 and 16:00 on the weekend of April 21 and 22. They are also looking for volunteers, "leave a note with the library staff".

I'm sure they'd sign you up as a Friend if you went early on the Wednesday with the $10 fee ($5 for people over 60, two more years and that would be worth paying to get in early). One could think of it as an entry fee.

I've been to the past three or four sales, last year getting out there on the first day, and it turned out an hour was okay to get through it. I probably could have gotten in a tad earlier, nobody was checking at the door when I got there. They had a lot of CDs last year, and quite a few magazines, though unlike previous years, nothing jumped out at me from those sections, and a decent selection of DVDs, including some tv sets. I didn't get many books. I think there's a fair percentage of library discards, I ended up with a bunch of Dummies books two years ago. It's not far from the Dorval Gardens shopping Centre, and taking the 211 from Lionel Grioux takes about 20 minutes. Going early in the sale avoids clashing with other sales, one year three book sales were on the same day in mid-April. Since it's near the end of April, things should be warming up.

Pricing in 2014 (that I can remember)
(the prices were about the same in 2017):
hardcover   2.00 or 3/5.00
large softcover  1.00 or 3/2.00
pocket paperbacks .75 or (I can't remember)
magazines  25cents or 7/1.00
CDs        2.00 or 3/5.00
DVD        2.00 or 3/5.00

There was no price for VHS movies or music
cassettes, but I think I got charged 25cents each,
not certain.
And some special books carried a higher price.

The Concordia Coop Bookstore, 2150 Bishop, is having a book sale on Friday April 27 (10:00 to 18:00), Saturday April 28th and Sunday April 29th, 9:00 to 17:00 both days. All used books are half price. I've never been to one of these, but they have a few each year. I guess this is to clear things out at the end of the term time. And again they had the notice up over ten days in advance.

Greenfield Park United Church is having a "Spring Flea Market" which has a "Book Room" on Saturday April 28th from 9:00 to 14:00 at 335 Springfield Street (between Churchill and Regent) in Greenfield Park. I've never been to this, so I don't know how many books they might have, but it's long running. They will have baked goods, but I seem to recall that they rent tables for people to sell their own goods.

Centre Greene will have their annual used book sale on Friday May 4th (10:00 to 19:00) and Saturday May 5th (9:00 to 14:00). The location is 1090 Greene Avenue in Westmount, which is just half a block below Dorchester (which still exists in Westmount). They are saying this will be their last book sale ever. They'll take donations until Sunday April 15th, and I'm sure that includes CDs and DVDs as well as books, not sure about VHS movies, audio cassettes or magazines (which seem to have faded in recent years). Note Pedestrians can get up and down Greene below the Centre, but apparently it will be closed to traffic for some time.

Last year, hardcovers were $3.00, large paperbacks were $2.00 and pocket size paperbacks were $1.00. I saw no CDs or DVDs, but two years ago CDs were $1.00 each.

This is sad, I can't remember when they started having a book sale, but I've been to them all. Though I liked it when they had it at the end of March/beginning of April, one of the first spring clusters. They don't say anything about why this is the last, they still get lots of items and I'm still finding things. No CDs or DVDs last year, but I got the two Wealthy Barber books, right when I was hoping to find them, and The Dummies Guide to Canadian History, mostly because as always it gives a skewed version of the Red River "Rebellion". Usually something I was especially glad to find would appear, either something I'd never seen before, or something I might have bought new, and often they seemed to get books that must have been at the back of the closet for some time. They used to have a "garage sale", renting tables to the public and also selling donated items but they stopped that in the fall of 2013, something about the donated items took up too much space, if I recall correctly. But there is a trend away from sales as fundraisers, Westmount High gave up its book sale some years back, and the private schools in Westmount gave up their rummage sales and the Westmount Rotary Club stopped their annual garage sale, not even bothering to announce it wouldn't happen, or give an explanation (though they'd tried a few times to drop it, "too much work", though demand brought it back). The things have to go somewhere, but that is less and less in Westmount.

All book sales depend on what's donated, and this one seems to vary quite a bit from year to year. Two years ago I didn't buy much, last year I noted that there seemed to be fewer books, yet also noted that they had shifted things around a bit. Generally I've found some interesting things, and some years someone has donated a box of books from the back of the closet because I know there have been some years when I came away with a lot more than usual. There didn't seem to be much in the way of CDs or movies last year, but some other years I've found some good things. If my note is correct, last year small paperbacks were 1.00, large paperbacks were 2.00 and hardcover were 3.00 (and a small table of selected books with higher prices).

The Montreal West United Church is having their annual "Book Browse Plus" on Saturday May 5th from 9:30 to 15:00 (that's 9:30, not 8:30 which I'd typed previously, not a typo on my part, I found it somewhere and remember thinking "that's early) at 88 Ballantyne Avenue, which is right on the cusp between NDG and Montreal West, the church is up at the end of a long block from Sherbrooke Street. They definitely want donations of books, movies, CDs, puzzles and "good magazines" (I always hope to find good magazines at book sale, of course "good" means the ones I will buy). TJey say donations can be left inside the church door any day or evening, the outer doors are unlocked.

Again this year it is a week before the St. Philips sale, meaning two trips in a row, but it's not all mashed together. Traditionally the Percival Street sale, a big cluster, with adjacet streets joining in, was the first Saturday of May, but that's shifted around over the past few years so I'll have to wait for a notice before I have a date. The shifting has also seemed to water it down, a lesser cluster now, as if people arem't going to wait.

I've gone to this one for years, though I liked it better when it opened on Friday evening and it was an excuse to get out early in the spring for a walk. It's so much easier to get to an evening sale early than one that starts early. The selection varies from year to year, but generally I find interesting things, though they no longer seem to have computer books. They do get library discards from somewhere (obviously from the Monteral West Library, I was somehow unaware of its exixtence until they had a book sale last year), which makes up a good percentage of their hardcover books. There seems to be less non-fiction as time goes by, but that may reflect the way books have gone in recent times. Everything used to be published as pocket sized paperbacks, now that's relegated to fiction, and only bestsellers. This sale has increasinbly been a source of CDs and movies (on VHS and later DVDs), last year they had a number of tv shows on DVD, very cheap.

I think this was the pricing last year:
hardcover books or CDs
1.50 or 4/5.00
thick paperbacks
1.00 or 6/5.00
thin paperbacks
50cents or 10/5.00
art/coffee table books
4 or 3/10.00
VHS movies seemed to be 25cents each

The Cote des Neiges Scouts are having a "giant" bazaar, and apparently have enough books to warrant a separate ad, on Saturday May 5th from 9:00 to 17:00 in the church basement at 5320 Cote des Neiges, which is at the corner of Lacombre. I'm not sure why 5366 is also an address they use. I noted last year that the churchis right next to the Cote des Neiges metro stop, very convenient. They've had this in the past, but either not every year, or I miss the announcement some years. They have a page about the sale here, while the ad for the bazaar is here and the ad for the books is here.

I did made a brief visit last year but I guess I wasn't in the mood, getting there about noon. The church is right next to the CDN metro station, which is very valuable information, that might have gotten me there in some previous year. It was quite packed, with people and things for sale. There did seem to be a big section of books, but at a glance, mostly French. I think I was worn down at that point, and the amount of books, in a relatively small space, was daunting. They had a lot of DVD movies. A decent size table of electronics, but nothing for me, I wondered if there'd been good stuff at opening time. They had a telescope for sale, but it wasn't really accessible, so I wasn't sure what it was, or the price, too bad, since I'm in the mood. Lots of clothes, and general household type items, and lots of Scouts in uniform selling things. Now that I have a better idea of what it's like, I might make a better effort this year, planning to go rather than gonig on a whim.

St. Philips Church in Montreal West is having their annual used book sale on Saturday May 12th, from 9:00 to 15:00 at 7506 Sherbrooke street West, right on the cusp of where NDG turns into Montreal West. Well it's now a "Spring Fair", they are again combining this with their "garage sale" where individuals rent tables and sell their stuff (so maybe a bit too semi-professional, but it's a wide range of items offered up), and craft vendors. Oh, and the tradional bake sale that went with the book sale. Hence it's now called a "Spring Fair". So it's worth getting out there. I don't know what happens in case of rain, since they make use of the yard and the church hall. I know I've been to this book sale when it was raining, but that was before they added the outside garage sale element. Wait, I did go one year when it was combined, they jammed things inside if I recall properly. I'm sure they want donations of books and CDs and DVDs for the book sale, but I don't see anything yet about the process. Their "webpage" has a note about the craft vending, for anyone looking for a venue.

The book sale seems to vary, two years ago I did well, getting some things I wanted. Last year just a few movies. But I also have skipped it some years, other places to be but also having gone out to Montreal West a couple of times by the Saturday of the book sale. With the "yard sale", there's added incentive to get out there early. Like some of the shorter church book sales, this one can be a more social event, especially with the baked goods. Combining the two makes sense, I think I wrote something about that before. They rent the tables (for $25 per table) and people then sell their own stuff. I think they get some donated items that the church sells off. If it's nice, this one is nice with the tables outside. Though, like many of these "community garage sales" there seemed a level of "commercial" sellers, not outright stores, but people who take in more than of these, rather than people who have no yard to sell off their stuff before moving. It will be May, unless it's raining it should be warm, an excuse to be out in the sun.

The Friends of the Montreal Library will have their annual used book sale on Saturday May 19th through Sunday May 27th, 13:00 to 19:00 each day at Arena Martin-Brodeur, 5300, boulevard Robert, in St. Leonard, apaprently next to the St. Leonard Library. Note this must be the new location, they used it last year for the first time). On Friday May 18th from 17:00 to 21:00, there is an extra evening for actual Friends of the Library members, apparently you get an invitation. Maybe it is worth getting a membership ahead of time, treating it like paying to get early access to the selection (and one might think a less crowded visit).

I see what happened. Unlike some groups, there is a fixed page for the sale, and I kept checking it, and it was still 2017 details. Suddenly I remember, and check the French page, and that has the 2018 details, not that much has changed except the actual date. And I see now why there was no times last year, it's there but only on the poster on the page.

They say most of the books are discards from the library, though in the past they have actually accepted donations from the public during the sale (I don't think you have to sneak the books in). They make a note of saying the sale isn't for booksellers, which may be due to the books coming from the library, but which is interesting since as unfair as it sometimes seems to see book dealers at the used booksales, the groups generally like them since they buy in large quantities and that's good for a fundraiser.

They keep a page about the sale, here gives a lot of detail. The poster gives a different URL, bibliomontreal.com/soldeabm which goes to the same page, but is a lot easier to remember or write down.

I've never been, but this has been going on for some time, I think even longer than I was aware of it. The location had been constant to last year, but their page is constant, so it's easy to find the details, after I knew about the sale, and they are generally good about getting the date up early.

The SPCA Monteregie is having their annual used book sale on Friday May 25th (13:00 to 20:00) and Saturday May 26th (10:00 to 17:00) at the Cynthia Coull Arena, 195 Empire Avenue (2nd floor) in Greenfield Park. Apparently near Churchill Boulevard. They want book donations, the poster on their website gives details, including two days right before the sale when books can be dropped off at the venue. In the past they wanted "books, magazines, CDs. etc". They have an ad up here which includes a photo of a previous sale, which gives an indication of how many books they get.

This one has been around for years, though I've never gotten to it, something else seeming to always happen the same weekend. I'm seeing comments from elsewhere that this may be a fairly good book sale. I should expand that. Most book sales are worth attending, and if this was nearby, I'd certainly have sampled it by now. But it's not, since I'm not likely to walk that far, it will mean two bus fares, so I find some reason to not go (and for many years, I was busy when this sale occurred). But the comments I've read make me curious, it sounds like it is worth attending, especially now when there is no conflict.

Cote St. Luc is having it's annual "mega garage sale" on Sunday May 27th, I think from 10:00 to 15:00, in the Confederation Annex, behind the Arena. That's in Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park, about 6985 Mackle Road. There's a roof, so it's rain or shine. The city rents tables, and then people without yards can sell their accumulated stuff. I went the past few years, it seemed like many tables were semi-professionals, but who knows. Virtually no prices on anything, how are we supposed to know if something is within range if there are no prices? The CSL Library sometimes has a table with items for sale There wasn't all that much unique, lost of children's toys and clothing and furniture. There were various books and movies and music sold from the tables. But since it's on a Sunday, it doesn't conflict with most garage sales. The 104 got me there in about half an hour, once the bus arrived, it even stops right at at the park. So actually it's a rather nice thing to do on a spring day, and it will be warm by then (though one year it rained). If you get there early, it can be taken in fairly fast, then the rest of the day for something else.

Les Amis de BAnQ are having their used book sale on Tuesday May 29th Saturday June 2md, 10:00 to 20:00 each day, and I assume in the hall of the Grande Bibliotheque, which is where it's been in the past. These are discards from the Library. I've never been. Prices do seem higher, but maybe that reflects the quality of the books.

Goethe Institute is having a used book sale on Tuesday June 5th to Saturday June 17th, during their regular opening hours, at their location, 1626 St. Lawrence Blvd, suite 100. Last year I thought it was a general book sale, but this year their page intidcates these are mostly German books. They had one last year, I don't nkow if they had them before that or if I just missed the notices. That's all I know.

I'ts not a book sale, but Transition NDG will have their annual "garage sale" on Saturday June 9th at the corner of Sherbrooke and Wilson in NDG, from 10:00 to 16:00. Rain date is SUnday June 10th. This is a group that sets up planters around NDG filled with fruit and vegetable plants, for the public to pick the produce when it's ready. This isn't a book sale, and I don't reammber that many books in the past (though one year I got a Canadian Encyclopedia on CDROM, I still haven't installed it though I've seen the paper copy and my great, great, great grandmother eroneously gets mentioned as an "indian princess"), but I've gotten some interesting gadgets at their sales. This one is outside, near a set of their planters, so it must realy be a "yard sale", and unlike last year when it rained, the weather is supposed to be nice. The site is outside the post office, where they already have some planters out. They want donations but the process is to leave things off at the site early the day, from 8:30 to 10:00 of the sale. I wonder how well that works? It's less convenient for the public to donate things. But this is a good date, visit it on the way to St. Ansgar's for their garage sale. I'm still looking for a date for the Benny Library book sale, though since the move to the new library they haven't consistently had two book sales a year. There were some garage sales last weekend in NDG, but I'm still waiting for a full bloom, which probably comes this weekend. On the other hand, there's only four Saturdays before "Moving Day" and two of those are actual holiday weekends.

The Pettes Memorial Library in Knowlton will have their annual used book sale on Saturday July 14 (8:00 to 16:00) and Sunday July 15th (10:00 to 15:00) on the lawn of the library, which is at 278 Knowlton Road. They set up tents, so there is no rain date. The notice is on their website in May. I'm sure they want donations but I don't see a notice this year. In the past, it was a matter of dropping items off at the library during opening hours, but they didn't want encyclopedias, National Geographics, or school text books.

This would make a nice day trip, take in Knowlton at the same time, though the Knowlton Literary Festival or whatever it's called now no longer coincides, having moved to the fall a few years back.

I've never been, a bit too far, though there was a window a few years back when I was sort of offered a ride, but I guess I wasn't enthusiastic enough. It would be a great target to get out of town, walk around the rest of the day until the ride home. Go for a dip in the lake even. I think they may get a good quantity of books, but that's only a guess.

The Atwater Library is having a used book sale on Tuesday July 24th, from 10:00 to 15:00, the library being at 1200 Atwater Avenue (just below St. Catherine Street). This will be out on the lawn, no word on what happens if it rains. I guess they've dropped the BBQ aspect of this summer sale, since no mention of it and there wasn't a BBQ last summer. They probably want donations but they take them throughout the year.

I went last year, getting there kind of late, and there wasn't much outside. I saw anote later, apparently with the risk of rain they set up inside, and later brought out only a bit. So I should have looked inside. Two years ago it was a hot summer day, yet the grass and trees cooled things down, so it was a great day for an outside book sale. I found some stuff I wanted, some things I wanted duplicates of, some things to read immediately, a few other things. They did have a decent selection of pocket paperbacks, and there were CDs but nothing I wanted. They even had some chairs for people to sit and peruse the books. I'd take the dog, but his attention span is short. There was a decent size crowd considering it was close to closing time, and mid-afternoon on a summer weekday. I suppose if I got there at the start, rather than close to the 3pm finish, I might have found more things I wanted.

The South Shore University Women's Club will have their annual used book sale on Wednesday August 15th through Saturday August 18th (note: I had the dates wrong, remnamts of last year's posting, I got a correction but missed what needed correcting, I'm sorry, this was my fault.) the first three days being open from 17:00 to 21:00, while on the Saturday the hours are 9:00 to 15:00, at the St. Barnabas Memorial Hall, 95 Lorne Ave, St. Lambert. This now seems to be the permanent location, it's been there for a good number of years, after being kind of nomadic. I walk there from the Longueil Metro in about 30 or 45 minutes, a nice walk if the weather is nice. It's faster since the construction at the metro station is over, I used to waste so much time finding my way out of there. It's their 45th, just a few years shorter than the McGill Book Fair. They want donations, their page about the book sale ahs details about donating, a weekly collection on Thursday mornings starting June 2nd, but maybe some flexibility.

This is better now that they have a website, it's easier to find than some notice tacked somewhere on the web, and they can put this information up early. The beginning of May is way earlier than I used to find information about the sale (and sometimes the call for donations came out without including the date for the sale, so I'd be waiting till August to know the exact date).

I've gone for a number of years, maybe it's ten now, but I seem to skip it every so often. I find some excuse. Unlike many of the other sales, it's not in walking range, so even before the sale it will cost me 6.50. On the other hand, it's an excuse to get off the island, and while I've found anything really great, I've come home pleased a number of times. I take the Metro and then walk the rest of the way, then back. It all seems to close down over there pretty early om the evening, coming back I don't see much open. Obviously if you live over there, it's a more significant book sale.

I think I have all the summer book sales listed. "Dorval Celebrates" is in August, I think Saturday the 11th, but I've yet to see if they'll have a book sale as part of that. There may be one on the South Shore towards the end of August. One might hope that SW Welch Books has a $1.00 book sale or two (when they put some tables out) but they've slowed down, unless I missed one, they've not had one since June of 2016. Encore Books in NDG often has a lot of books piled outside, but that's a regular thing. I've yet to see a notice for a Benny Library book sale in NDG, so I suspect there won't be a spring one, but they've never advertised their sale well, so maybe I just missed a notice, though I have searched. So it's mostly reading till the fall. I did find some older Superboy comics for a dollar each, I'm saving them for some special summer day.

I keep forgetting, but Astro Books on St. Catherine Street downtown is closing at the end of June. They had hoped someone might want to buy them, but mid-June I think it's too late. So books are on sale, now at -50% and they are offering the furnishings too. There's a Gazette story, Hefty rent hike spells the end for Astro Books. Their rent was hiked signficantly, so they've decided to clsoe rather than move. They feel they are "too old" to start over, which is an interesting point. They'd be happy to keep going (and I think it was the same with Westcott Books), so long as they have someone to move the heavy boxes of books, sitting around a book store isn't so bad. Lots of people have started book stores after "retiring" from something else, so long as they don't lose money it's a way to "retire" without retiring from the world. Sit around at the bookstore, reading until a customer needs attention, that's probably better than sitting around reading at home, but increasing rents puts a damper on things.

Actually, they say it's more than the rent. When the story first hit, I remembered that a year ago they'd had some money problems, and had a "crowdfunding" campaign, Astro Books: buoyed by comics, beleaguered by taxes and when I searched it wasn't clear if they reached their goal, Fundraising efforts for Montreal's Librairie Astro still falling short so some of the issue may have lingered from last year, before the rent increase.

I remember when they opened downtown in the eighties (I'm still not sure where the NDG store was, long since closed), I was coming home along St. Catherine Street a lot so I'd go in there, they staying open past 6pm. I wasn't interesteded in the comics, which apparently had a lot to do with them keeping open, but did buy a lot of science fiction books. But for some reason, is stopped going in, and I can't remember why. Maybe my route changed, or my tastes, I don't remember any sudden (or negative) reason for me stopping.

I finally confirm that Westcott Books is gone, me finally over on St. Lawrence the first Sunday of June. There seems to be a clothing store in the location, as if we don't have enough of those.

I did actually get to the SPCA Monteregie book sale, not finding some excuse this year. That despite rain being forecast. It was actually a nice day, I didn't ever get really wet, a good day to be off the island. It was about an hour's walk from the Longueil Metro station, about 30 minutes longer than to St. Barnabas Church where the South Shore Women's Unviersity Club has their book sale. So you turn down just before that point, and it's about 30 minutes down. A chance to see more of the south shroe. The space was decent sized, and they had quite a few books, I think a bit more than fifty percent were English. The vegetarian cookboks were kept together, and for the best selling fiction authors, they had those boxed together, making them easy to find, or avoid, depending on what you were looking for. They had a science fiction section that was more varied than other used book sales. There was a great book about space travel that I put back, a book that fifty years ago I would have loved for the detail and even ten years ago just bought to have around. But suddenly I'm not so easy when it comes to bringing books home. I must be getting old. They had some DVDs, and a big selection of CDs, I actually found quite a few I wanted, though why were there three "Heart" collections but no copy of their first album? It's getting easier to find CDs I want, but often they are collections, which is fine for the artists I sort of want (especially when they are at used prices) but not so good for finding albums from the artists I really want. After I had small stack, someone handed me a plastic bucket that cat litter had come in. That was a great thing, with the handle easier than a box, and since it's an SPCA Monteregie fundraiser, they must have access to all the empty cat litter bins, and all the same size for stacking. The Dorval library has plastic carts, I'm not sure if they bought them for the book sale or they are around for other purposes, but the bins are great since they'd be free, and just the right size. So it was worth going to the sale, and I was stupid to find excuses in the past, and going forward I will look forward to making the trip.

Late news, but Authors For Indies day did take place in April, though under a different name. I did keep checking, and not seeing anything about it, but I passed The Word in late April and they had a poster up. They were still using the old webpage, so I guess I just didnt' check there to see there was news.

While waiting for the weather to get good and the garage sale season to really start up, Victoria Day weekend came and went, andd now it's even later. But that weekend is when the Bookseller's Alley behind the BanQ opens. An official notice is here. It's every week, Friday and Saturdays from noon to 22:00 and Sundays from noon to 18:00, and that's behind the library, on Savoie. The one time I visited it, it was very easy to find. It goes on through Thanksgiving Day weekend, which I guess is Octoer 8th this year. There are four separate book sellers offering items.

I see no sign of a garage sale this spring at the Ignatian Centre in NDG, but they have a notice up that they are looking for book donations to have another used book sale in the fall.

What a dismal spring in terms of garage sales. It's June 14th and still hasn't bloomed properly. Somehow May has slowed down, leaving only June. Once July comes along, the people who badly needed to get rid of things because they are moving are done, so while garage sales still happen, it seems to be more about trinkets than things I'm interested in. i don't really care that much about not finding things, but it's an excuse to get out early on Saturday mornings, and it's disappointing when I'm not seeing things even close to what I'd like to find. One year i did find a big stack of books or DVDs at one garage sale, and I looked it over carefully, and lots of good stuff, unfortunately, all things I had. So it was close to being a good sale, it would have been great if they had similar things that I didn't have. But I'm in the mood to find exotic things, not just books but uncommon things at garage sales. Even two years ago, when I suddenly decided I needed a minidisc recorder (after seeing the blank discs at some sales), I was able to buy two for five dollars each. But not much of interest this year. Maybe people really are just selling off the internet. Wait, I got my third GPS receiver at the CSL mega garage sale, only a dollar, it works even inside the house. But, I have to replace the battery.

And we have to keep Tina Fontaine in our hearts, because Winnipeg grew out of Red River, and Red River was a Metis place, but that didn't protect her. What good is it to have streets named after family members if people like her get hurt so badly? Though oddly enough, one of the prosecutors is James Ross, leaving me wondering if he's a relative, named after the chief justice in the provisional government (and my great, great grandmother's brother) James Ross.

One thing I noticed last fall, and then forgot, there's a children's library downtown again. There had long been a branch of the Montreal Children's Library in the Atwater Library, but they had to close there due to renovations at Atwater. Time passed and finally the branch re-emerged on Pierce, kind of hidden in some other group's space I gather. And then maybe a year later, the Library announced that the branch would be eliminated. This new one is independent, but it appears they ended up with books from the Montreal Children's Library (and maybe getting funding from the Fraser Hickson "Foundation", which has decided to put the money into small outlets like this). It's a shame it couldn't all be kept under one banner, another branch closed at the same time as the downtown branch, except the organization where it was housed decided to keep the library going too. It's at 1647 St. Catherine, just west of Pierce. Some details are here and there's a brief article about the new library Children's library reopens downtown.

There's a Little Free Library outside St. Ansgar Lutheran Church, 4020 Grand (a short block up from Sherbrooke Street) in NDG. It wasn't there in November, I don't know when it went up. There's another one at 2353 Clifton (below Sherbrooke), at least there was last year, I've not checked recently. And of course, in NDG there are old Mirror newspaper boxes set up for the same sort of thing, leave books and take books, I've only see three. But theyw ere removed at one point, to regurbish, and the only one I've seen back up is outside taht Coop near Melrose on Sherbrooke Street. The one on Monkland never returned, and I haven't seen the one at the Vendome Metro.

The Bimetallic Question. ie the local Sherlock Holmes Club, has their next bimonthly meeting Thursday August, 2018 at 18:30 in the Westmount Room of the Westmount Library.

Since I've had the above here for ages, I'll add the Montreal Science Fiction/Fantasy Association, which has meetings most months, or alternative events, and used to organize an annual ConCept here in Montreal. Meeting information at their website, but it probably can supply many SF needs.

If anyone is selling books at garage sales this season, heed the words of one "missed connection" from last fall:

To the very cute guy having a yardsale today on st Urbain...
Your selection of books sucked though.

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