Upcoming Montreal Used Book Sales 2017
This is now 20 years old. Back in 1997, someone who I felt was too focused on organizing people than organizing information posted to the local newsgroup, mtl.general, about a "book swap". I posted a reply pointing out all the used book sales we have in this city. When you can get a book for fifty cents, or even a dollar, that's pretty close to free. And after that, when there were a bunch of used book sales coming up, I'd post a message to the newsgroup. A few years back, I started putting the same information on this webpage, and that's the only form it exists in now.

DDO Library used book sale Sept 8-17
Lasalle used book sale Sept 8-10
Montreal West Library book sale Sept 23
Montreal Antiquarian Book Fair Sept 23-24
Ignatian Centre used book sale Sept 27-30
St. Lambert United Church book sale Sept 29-30
St. Stephen in Chambly book sale Sept 30
ConU used book fair Oct 1-3
Atwater Library book sale Oct 13-14
Otterburn Park used book sale Oct 14
Rosemere book sale Oct 14
McGill Book Fair Oct 17-19
South Shore amateur radio fleamarket Oct 21
Beaconsfield Library used book sale Oct 21-22
Deux Montagnes Lions Club book sale October 21-22
a Dorval used book sale Oct 21 Pointe Claire Library book sale October 27-28
Friends of Stewart Hall book sale October 29
Cote St. Luc Library used book sale Nov 11-12
MONSFFA used book sale Nov 12
Westmount Library used book sale Nov 18-19

The Dollard des Ormeaux Library is having their annual used book sale from Friday September 8th to Sunday September 17th, at the actual library, 12001 de Salaberry. I guess the hours are the same as the library's opening hours. The notice I find is here. I assume they want donations but have never seen anything about the process. I would think that given the length, this is probably a small and relatively low-key affair. I've never been, but they have had them in the past, though I somehow often miss listing it.

I'm late putting this up, but via this ad, Book Sale - Vente de Livres - St. John Brebeuf, LaSalle there will be a used book sale on Friday Sept 8 (17:00 to 19:00) Saturday Sept 9 (9:00 to 18:00) and Sunday Sept 10th (10:00 to 12:30) at St. John Brebeuf Parish, 855 Bishop Power in Lasalle. I'm sure they want donations but don't know the process. They say they will have CDs and dvds for sale, besides the books. They were looking for donations, not sure if they want them so late, now that the sale will start later today.

I know they had a book sale last September, not sure about before that. I know nothing more than what the ad says.

The Montreal West Library, 45 Westminster South, is having a used book sale on Saturday September 23rd, from 12:00 to 16:00. They say there will be "books and movies". That's all I know. I'm not sure I knew there was a Montreal West Library before this, the Montreal West Children's Library gets notice but it's separate, in a school. I saw an obscure note that wasn't clear, and then only the day before find a proper notice. So it might be interesting, if nothing else a chance to see the library. Maybe I'll get out there, the weather will be nice. There's at least one street that's having multiple yard sales, and it's "Free For All" day in Montreal west.

The Montreal Antiquarian Book Fair takes place Saturday September 23rd (12:00 to 18:00) and Sunday September 24th (11:00 to 17:00) at the McConnell Building at ConU, 1400 de Maisoneuve W. Admission is $6.00 for both days. Take note, this year the theme is Counterculture and Revolution, I guess fifty years after the summer of love, the books are collectible among a wider audience. Gee, not that I didn't start collecting them back when I first found Cheap Thrills in 1976, back when everything was so cheap, half the cover pricem, and a lot of 'radical" books in pocket paperback, and if not still in print, just barely out of it. All those copies of "Steal this Book" gotten cheap, and I gave them away as soon as I found them. Or that pocket paperback history of the NAACP, I paid a dollar at one sale somewhere in the past decade, I get home and see that it's written by langston Hughes, and there's a signature inside, maybe his. Or a Dorothy Day autobiography, I found a copy at the ConU book sale a few years back, me grabbing it when I went back a second time, figuring nobody else would know what it was. The only time I'd seen a copy before that was at The Word decades ago, and I did buy both copies. But lots of esoteric stuff too, things I've never seen more than once. So that's actually tempting, a reason to go. I've never been and it sure won't be a hodge podge collection, but if I was looking for my great, great, great grandfather's book about the fur trade in the Pacific Northwest, I'd likely try at this one. Even if someone didn't have it, these are the types of dealers who might find it. This is a collection of dealers selling their own books, not a collection of donated books being sold to raise money for some non-profit use.

The Ignatian Spirituality Centre in NDG (out near Loyola) is having another used book sale, Wednesday Sept 27 through Saturday Sept 30th, 9:00 to 16:00 each day. The location is 4567 West Broadway, at the western end of the Loyola campus, about half a block up from Sherbrooke Street. I'm not sure if they've had this before a few years ago, but I noticed then, and went. It was an eclectic collection, novels and books about scuba diving and travel. At the time it seemed like someone was moving and had donated their library, but maybe that's not an accurate assessment. But they've continued to have it in some form since then. They also have a garage sale in the spring, I've found interesting things there. But this year they have a notice up on their website, so I trust the information, and I'm sure to take it in this year.

St. Lambert United Church will have a used book sale on Friday Sept 29 (17:00 to 20:00) and Saturday September 30, from 9:00 to 15:00 at 415 Mercile Avenue (which is at the corner of Desaulniers Boulevard, last year the address I had was "85 Desaulniers Blvd, in St. Lambert. Actually, it's billed as a "Book sale, baked goods and coffee shop", so one can pick up a snack while deciding on which books to bring home. That's all I know about the sale, but they've had these in the past. Like every other book sale, they likely want donations (two years ago they were looking for CDs and DVDs as well as books) but I don't see any details this year about how to donate. The notice I saw said thered be "books, CDs, Records, DVDs, etc".

St. Stephen with St. James Anglican Church in Chambly will have their annual used book sale on Saturday September 30th from 9:00 to 15:00, at 2000 Bourgogne Street. I'm sure they want donations but I don't know the process. One year there was a note about leaving books at the church after the service on Sundays. They have had this one for at least a few years, but I've never been to it.

The Concordia Used Book Fair will be Sunday October 1 (14:00 to 16:00), and Monday Oct 2 and Tuesday Oct 3 from 10:00 to 19:00 in the atrium of 1515 St. Catherine Street West, which was used for the first time last year. Note: There is a $5.00 entrance fee on the Sunday, the extra day and fee new last year, paying for the privilege of early access. They do it to some extent with the big university book sales in Toronto, but I'm not sure this sale warrants it. This should be the 21st edition, since last year they said it was the 20th. They want donations, this page has details of the process.

They do get promotion within Concordia, one article I just saw made 3.00 books sound good. But I'm not sure the word gets out much beyond ConU, and indeed the pricing and the collection seems to be ConU-centric. I havent' been in a couple of years, 3.00 for a book (that's the minimum, some books carry a higher price) is a lot compared to other sales, and I never found this sale got that interesting a selection of books, though maybe those looking for academic books would find the selection and pricing reasonable. Last year I mentioned that on the last hour of the last day they were planning to sell bags of books for ten dolalrs. I must have seen that at some official site or article, but I can't remember now. So maybe that will apply this year, but who knows. I know years ago, I went back on the second day, about an hour before closing, and a book I was mildly interested in was still there, but they wanted a text book price for it, so I left it. So maybe they've come to see a need to clear out the old, so the next year's sale is fresher.

In recent years, it seemed like maybe they were getting more book donations, with more books under the tables for restocking, but I'm not certain. In the early days it seemed like they got a good selection, then it thinned out, then maybe improved. I find less and less of interest, I don't think they get that great a variety of books donated. I didn't go last year, I doubt I'll go this year. Two years ago, the price went up to $3.00 for paper and hardcover, (and $8.00 for text books, dictionaries $5-10, large art books $10-15 and National Geographic magazines, I saw none, still for 25cents) and their stock doesn't justify that sort of pricing. I put my small pile down and left when I noticed the price. I don't think it will nag at me if I miss this. I never found anything really great, and for average paperbacks 3.00 is too much. Of course, I'm getting to more of the further flung library sales, and not only are their prices more traditional, but I'm finding things to get excited about. It almost seems like the Concordia book sale wants to cater to students from Concordia, looking for text books. They did have a romance section two years ago, and I noticed DVDs for maybe the first time then (though not many). They do cull books, putting them outside the enclosure during the sale, and I don't see any reasoning to those. So it's worth checking for interesting things not worth the full price, and which they have decided aren't worth it. Maybe my tastes are distinctive, but I'm much more interested in finding things like old issues of The Beaver with family history and buying a pile than buying a few things at high prices. My history shows that as prices go up, I buy less than if prices are low (and the more that is bought, the less that stays afterwards).

The Atwater Library is having their "big fall book sale" on Friday October 13th, from 18:00 to 20:00, and Saturday October 14th (from 10:00 to 16:00) at the actual library, 1200 Atwater, just half a block down from St. Catherine Street. The details, what little there is, is at their website. They now do have a permanent page about book donations, though where they put the notice of the book sale still seems to vary. They want donations, presumably dropped off at the library anyway. I used to really like this one, there was a time when I could find interesting computer books and if I go back far enough, interesting magazines. I even found a book that included an article of mine that had been in an early home computer magazine, the first I knew about landing in a book. But there seems less of interest to me, and obviously they seem less interested since they've gone to more sales which are shorter. A book sale is more than making money, it's a way to get people into an institution they might otherwise not enter, and then maybe they'll return for other reasons. I haven't been to a sale here in some years. On the other hand I did get to their lawn book sale in 2016, and found some books I wanted to read right then, so maybe I will put in an appearance this year.

St. Martin's House is having another of their maybe once monthly used book sales (I missed that there was one in September) on Saturday October 14 from 9:30 to 12:00 at 221 Prince Edward Avenue in Otterburn Park. The announcement says they will be mostly English language books. I've yet to find a website, but they have these about once a month, though I'm not sure if there is a pause at some point. I'm sure they want donations but I don't know the process.

The St. James Church is having a book sale on Saturday October 14th from 10:00 to 14:00 at 328 Pine Street in Rosemere. The notice I saw said they'd have books, CDs, DVDs and puzzles. I'm sure they want donations but if I've seen anything about that, I can't remember. They've had book sales before, but I've never gone. Given the short hours, I'm sure they count on the social aspect, there will be some food, where the congregation shows up and visits as well as look over the selections for sale.

McGill Book Faire is Tuesday Oct 17th (13:00 tp 21:00), Wednesday Oct 18th (10:00 to 20:00) and Thursday Oct 19th (10:00 to 18:00), at Redpath Hall at McGill (up McTavish from Sherbrooke Street, the entrance is on the terrace side of the building). The donation period has ended. Two years ago I saw some notice that for the later part of the last day they dropped prices in half, something to watch for in case it happens again. Though waiting means you risk that the interesting books have alrady been bought.

This is about the longest running local book sale, but I haven't bought a book there since 2009, and I deliberately have not bought anything in a few years. They've made it smaller (despite longer opening hours and more days to donate), the prices have gone up, and it's just not the same. It used to be the Big Event if you liked books, I can't get excited about it, I am sad. I was looking for things I've never heard about, that seems gone, and the prices trying to emulate "internet prices". Three years ago they even had a note up about not opening boxes under the tables, and that knapsacks would be checked. How am I supposed to carry books if I don't come with a knapsack? In the old days, I'd never leave without any books, but now if I bother going, I may not buy anything, making me feel like a thief even if I'm not. The organizers have lost track of the fact that while it's a fundraiser, it's way more than that. There is lots of book dumping, though maybe not as public as in more recent years, but it's the fact that what I am looking for seems missing. I don't think this one will be part of my birthday celebration this year. Odd, I suddenly have money that I can make small donations, but buying books at some sales no longer appeals to me. When long time buyers stop, that's something the book sales should be considering.

The South Shore Amateur Radio Club is having their annual amateur radio fleamarket on Saturday October 21st from 9:00 to 13:00 at Place Desaulniers, which is at 1023 Taschereau Blvd in Longueuil. Admission is $7.00, renting a table costs $10.00. Details are here. I would point out that the location isn't far from the Longueuil Metro station, when I've gone I've walked from the Metro. Of course, if you buy something big and heavy, that's not going to work.

This isn't a book sale, but it might be a chance to find used books and magazines related to amateur radio and even hobby electronics, and certainly if one is looking for that sort of thing, whatever else gets offered up might be of interest. They say it's the largest in Montreal, which is probably true, though I've not been in some years. The club rents the space, then rents out tables for individuals to sell their amateur radio related parts and equipment, which tends to extend a bit to include computers and scrap electronics. There are likely to be some more commercial tables from actual dealers, selling new equipment and books about amateur radio. I thought I'd get there last year, but again skipped it, books sales calling. But the schedule is different this year, so maybe finally I'll get back to this one.

An interesting development. Many of the astronauts have taken to getting ham licenses, I'm not sure how much they themselves are interested, but there is a program where school kids can talk to the astronauts via ham radio. I looked and it doesn't seem like our new Governor General ever got a ham license, despite being up in the space station. But, after she was sworn in, she gave a speech, and mentioned an ancestor, Francois Payette. He was in the Pacific Northwest as part of John Jacob Astor's fur company, so my great, great, great grandfather must have known him. But a few years ago, I saw some reference to a book either about Francois Payette, or by him, and it was published by Payette Radio, which was a long running business near Victoria Square. That didn't make sense, it had nothing to do with radio or electronics. But it turned out, the founder of Payette Radio, Bernard C. Payette, is a descendant of Francois Payette. So there is a ham radio connection to Julie Payette. It was a big store, and actually had a ham radio department in the early seventies, I'd go and drool over the equipment, then buy a magazine or book, sometimes get a few parts. I ended up with some things that had been returned. The store disappeared in the late seventies or early eighties, times changing but also the real estate becoming more valuable. The building was torn down for something else, that area has changed a lot since I first went there in 1971.

The Friends of the Beaconsfield Libary are having their annual used book sale on Saturday October 21st and Sunday Oct 22nd from 10:00 to 16:00, at the Herb Linder Annex, 303 Beaconsfield Blvd (which is right behind the actual library). The notice I see doesn't say anything about a preview for actual Friends members on the Friday, but they've done that in the past. They want donations, of "books in good condition" but no "encyclopedias, magazines, damaged or moldy books, VHS tapes, records or cassette tapes". There was a chance to donate on the 16th, and again on September 23rd (12:00 to 16:00) and October 14th (12:00 to 16:00), which I assume is at the actual location for the sale.

In 2016, if I recorded it properly pocket paperbacks were 1.00, hardcovers 2.00, but DVDs were a dollar, but something seems off there, so maybe my notes were wrong.

I've been a few times these past few years, the 211 stops right in front, there's a big complex with a parking lot next to the library which makes the library easy to watch for. It can be a nice trip on the 211 in the fall, and I've found things worth going for. It's a change of scenery, if nothing else. They generally have another one in the spring, but the fall one is the bigger and better one. Lots of books, some are library discards but I don't think they overwhelmed the sale (but I can't be sure, some of those West Island sales seem to blend together). As I remember, there were more DVDs last fall than previously, and I found some I wanted. I'll certainly be going, try to get out there earlyish. St. Anne de Bellevue isn't that far from this library, and their weekly market is still running on Saturdays, from 9:00 to 14:00, so one could take in both events.

I got there last year a bit after noon, a decent arrival time for me. No magazines, too bad since I've found some good "exotic" magazines at some of those west island book sales, exotic as in "other than National Geographic". THere were more DVDs, but many were library discards, and specifically documentaries. I found four CDs I wanted (at a dollar each). I found a duplicate of one SF book that I like a lot, good since the cover came off my original copy (bought forty years ago at NDG Paperback), I've never seen a copy in between those two. The Girl Guides were selling boxes of cookies, something that happened the year before too.

The Deux Montagnes Lions Club are having their annual used book sale on Saturday Oct 21 and Sunday Oct 22 from 9:00 to 16:00 both days, at Veteran's Hall, 141 Chemin du Grand Moulin in Deux-Montagnes. This seems to be well run, and maybe fairly large, I've never been. If you have a car, it's not out of reach, and as they said a few years ago, it is a chance for a drive in the country before winter sets in. They generally ask that people attending bring a non-perishable food item that will be used to make Christmas food baskets.

One interesting thing is that on the Friday, Oct 20th, from 14:00 to 17:00, they open up for people who can't get around that well and mothers with children, giving them a chance at the books without the crowd. That seems to give extra service, a chance for the less mobile, on top of raising money for various causes. I did get email two years ago from someone who went, and while it wasn't close to her, she loved it.

Via the Gazette, the Catholic Women's League is having a used book sale on Saturday October 21st from 10:00 to 16:00 at St. Veronica's Parish, 1300 Carson in Dorval. They've had book sales before. They will have books, CDs, DVDs, puzzles and board games for sale. I know nothing more, though like any sale I'm sure they want donations

The Friends of the Pointe Claire Library are having their second used book sale of the year on Friday Oct 27, from 14:00 to 20:00 and Saturday Oct 28th, from 9:00 to 15:00 at the actual library, which is at 100 Douglas-Shand Avenue in Pointe Claire. Note that for actul Friends members, they can get in early, on Friday from 11:00 to 13:00, a perk of spending the money to join. There's still a chance to sign up as a member, somewhere around ten or fifteen dollars a year. I'm sure they want donations but I'm not certain of the process. I think you just drop them off at the library during opening hours throughout the year, and the library may pick out some to put on the actual shelves. They were looking for volunteers, though maybe 11 days ahead, they have enough people signed up. The Friends also have a sale in the spring. This has been a regular event for some time.

This is another one where I've only seen a notice embedded in a pdf. But apparently the Friends of Stewart Hall will have a used book sale on Sunday Oct 29th from 13:00 to 17:00. Stewart Hall is at 176 Lakeshore Road in Pointe Claire, apparently on the 211 bus route. I don't think I've listed this before, I've been aware of it but I find the notice after the fact. I know nothing more about it, I've never been though it would be an excuse to get out on a late October Sunday. I'm sure they want donations but don't know the process.

I just notice the day before, but the McGill Daily is having a used book sale on Wednesday October 18, from 10:00 to 18:00 in the student union lobby. The money will go to the Native Women's Shelter of Montreal They didn't do a drive, they just cleared off their shelves, so it's likely to be a limited selection, but likely a more potent selection. "Pay what you can".

Just to get the word out, the Montreal City Weblog had a server failure on about October 8th, and the new URL is mtlcityweblog.com.

The Ignatian Spirituality Centre had a booksale on Sept 27 to 30th, but apparently it continues. The Gazette Fall Fairs guide lists the dates, Oct 10/11, 17-18, 24-25 and Oct 31/Nov 1. This is at 4567 West Broadway in NDG, at the far end of Loyola Campus, about a block up from Sherbrooke Street. Nothing at their website, they still have a notice of the earlier sale on the front page. But a less cryptic notice at The Suburban, this is a continuation. So I assume they have lots of books and they need to clear them out. I did go to the first sale they had a few years ago, but these stretched out sales haven't attracted me, in part because it's never been clear what's going on. If I can't find a notice at the group's webpage, does a book sale really exist? I might get to this, depending on the weather and who knows what else.

The Gazette published their Fall Fairs Guide on Saturday October 7th, giving a couple of dates I hadn't seen yet, but verifying some others, and as always, there are some sales that may include books as a secondary thing that I won't list here, but might be worth checking if the sale is close by. I do note that the St. Ansgar's Danish sale is Saturday November 4th, and the Norwegian Christmas sale is Nov 10 and 11 at the Norwegian Church at 5065 Sherbrooke in Lachine, better than Ikea around Holiday Time. And the Tibetans have their annual Bazaar on Saturday November 25th.

It now being after Thanksgiving, I don't think the Benny Library will be having a fall book sale, unless they have it inside, which did happen one year though at a different venue, and maybe the new library building offers a space for that. But who knows. And the Bookseller's Alley behind the BanQ closed for the winter after Thanksgiving Day weekend.

And I guess it's too late in the season for a Welch $1.00 book sale, that counts on the outdoors to take place.

SOme book/literary festivals coming up. The Burlington Book Festival (that's Burlington Vermont) is Sept 15-17. The Hudson Storyfest starts about October 1st, and is generally spread out over weeks. And the Knowlton Literary Festival is October 13-15. And Expozine is November 18-19, they could at least put the date on their webpage.

I missed one set of sales. The Beaconsfield United Church was having a weekly "market", not sure how much was produce and how much was craft, but they had a 'book sale" at the same time, multiple Saturdays in the summer. But I never saw a notice. Or rather, I saw some notice at their website wanting help "for a booksale", but after I checked multiple times, I gave up, only to notice afterwards that they'd had the sales during the summer. Too bad, that would have been an excuse to go out that way. I must watch that next year, in case they do it again.

One store that doesn't get mentioned much is "NDG Paperbacks". It has to be forty years old, at least. I remember going there in 1976 or '77, after finding Cheap Thrills in the spring of 1976, I put in a certain effort to visit other used book stores. That was the sweep where I first found "The Book Nook" and "Tally-Ho" books, in the vicinity of what's now the convention centre, and an odd store in NDG that sold books by weight, I went once and the novelty wasn't worth going back, I don't think it lasted long. So many bookstores have come and gone over the decades, there was a good one across from NDG Park for some years, it too faded. Anyway, NDG Paperback was very much a paperback book store, specifically pocket size, shovel the books in and shovel them out. It was fairly standard for that sort of store to sell at half the cover price (so obviously they bought the books for a much smaller amount) but I can't remember if that held at NDG Paperback. It's moved a lot over the decades, though always within a small number of blocks, but I think it's in about the same block it was when I first visited, it's hard to tell since the block itself has transformed. I pull out a book with an NDG Paperback stamp, and the address was 5837 Sherbrooke St. West. The current address is 5885 Sherbrooke, so that must be the next block west. Somehow I stopped going, but some years back I went in looking for something specific and was basically thrown out, "backpacks not allowed". But they've been putting things out on a table in recent months, maybe longer, and I saw something I wanted, and it wasn't the previous owner at the desk, so maybe there's been a change of ownership. What I remember, and maybe it was wrong, was someone and his mother ran it, and I thought it was still the mother running it a few years back. Maybe it's still in the family, just a new generation, after forty years, that could happen. Forty years is a long time for a bookstore to stay in operation. But wait, is it the same store? It no longer carries the name "NDG Paperback", it's "Presque 9/Nearly New". I thought it was the same store, but maybe not. I think that name has been in use for some time, and I just lost track. But there's always been a used book store in that few blocks, and I assume there is some continuity. It was in the block next to the Decarie Expressway for a while, then it moved again, and I think the current location is yet another location.

Encore Books in NDG is using a bit the cover from "Tom Swift and his Electronic Hydrolung" for some promotional purpose. Oddly, that is one of two or maybe three of the Tom Swift Jr books that fell out of copyright, so they are available at Project Gutenberg. They aren't in print, there were later and much lesser series, but they miss the window so they are still in copyright, except for those 2 or 3. I wonder what the story on those is. All or most of the Tom Swift (Sr) books are out of copyright and at Project Gutenberg. For that matter, the "Tom Corbett, Space Cadet" books are out of copyright, though maybe the last one isn't, I think maybe I couldn't find one legally in public domain. And some of the "Rick Brant" books are out of copyright, but I think not all of them.

And on June 17th, I noticed the newspaper box was back outside the "coop" in NDG, the one placed there for people to leave books they didn't want. I'd mentioned previously they had disappeared without fanfare, and now this one is back, apparently refurbished. Weeks later, I've been on Monkland and the box outside what used to be the Ben & Jerry's hasn't returned (I didn't wander the street to see if it's at some other location) and I didn't see one outside the Vendome metro when I was there). So now it's safe to unload books and DVDs this way, the box is back.

I've lost track, some of the animal groups may have fundraisers, I know I stumbled on one on May 27th in NDG. But, Moustache/Whiskers cat rescue again has a series of sales scheduled, though on Sundays, outside the natural food store on Monkland Ave in NDG, the list is at their website, I'm sure they want donations. Sometimes there are books, but it's a general sale, I know I stumbled on one last year and found a few things of interest.

I found four more Tom Swift Jr books, actually not realizing they were them because they were the earlier format. (Months later, not having seen more, I admit these were found at Encore Books in NDG.) I wonder if they'd been there and I've not noticed, or worse, that there were more and I missed them. Two of them I had as a kid, and I'm glad to get those specific volumes back, but two I've never read, so that's something to look forward to, not that they take much time to read. I know I never bought them in order, but I'm not sure what criteria I used to pick them. The cover, of course, but I would think the gadget in the title would matter too. And for some reason, most of the volumes I had were from earlier in the series. So I never read the one about the repelatron Skyway. But they were either all published by the time I read them, or just a few at the end were current with my time buying them, so I don't know why I didn't buy the later ones, maybe they just weren't readily available (I know the Classics in Westmount Square was the most available bookstore for me when I was a kid). As I look at the list, I also realize I didn't have as many of the set as I thought, though my memory says I had a decent selection. But I'm only certain of nine, it's hard to tell from the covers since I certainly looked them over a lot back then, but I can't really tell from the contents, I either forgot or I never had them. Though I do remember some, and that's the nine.

I found another relative, though I'm not sure yet of the exact relationship. I was searching for something, and found a book review. She was an archivist at UBC, and this was her memoirs, published last year. Her great, great uncle was James Ross, so she can't be far off. Odd, her name is Laurenda Daniells, the only time I've seen that first name is Laurenda Bannatyne, who my great great grandfather married after Henrietta died. I don't think they had children, but clearly the name must derive from her. This all turned up in a search at the end of February, and then the obituary turns up, she died in January. A bit more searching shows that Sarah Margaret Black, Henrietta's daughter and sister to my great grandfather William Ross Black, married Frederick Francis, though I'm not sure which of the children is ancestor to Laurenda. But that might explain one family mystery, I thought my father's middle name was "Francis", so this is probably where it comes from. And a bit later I find someone else with the same ancestors, who is more interesting.

There's a Little Free Library outside St. Ansgar Lutheran Church, 4020 Grand (a short block up from Sherbrooke Street) in NDG. It wasn't there in November, I don't know when it went up. There's another one at 2353 Clifton (below Sherbrooke), at least there was last year, I've not checked recently. And of course, in NDG there are old Mirror newspaper boxes set up for the same sort of thing, leave books and take books, I've only see three. One outside the Vendome Metro station, one at the corner of Marcil and Monkland (the lower east side) and outside that Coop near Melrose on Sherbrooke Street).

The Bimetallic Question. ie the local Sherlock Holmes Club, has their next bimonthly meeting Thursday December 7th, 2017 at 18:30 in the Westmount Room of the Westmount Library.

If anyone is selling books at garage sales this season, heed the words of one "missed connection" from last fall:

To the very cute guy having a yardsale today on st Urbain...
Your selection of books sucked though.

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