Upcoming Montreal Used Book Sales Spring 2022
This is now over 20 years old. Back in 1997, someone who I felt was too focused on organizing people than organizing information posted to the local newsgroup, mtl.general, about a "book swap". I posted a reply pointing out all the used book sales we have in this city. When you can get a book for fifty cents, or even a dollar, that's pretty close to free. And after that, when there were a bunch of used book sales coming up, I'd post a message to the newsgroup. A few years back, I started putting the same information on this webpage, and that's the only form it exists in now.


The Friends of the Westmount Library are having their spring used book sale on Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10, both days are 10:00 to 16:00 (an hour earler than in the past), at Victoria Hall, 4626 Sherbrooke Street West, which is about the western end of Westmount Park. Basically just west of the Library.

This is ther first sale since the fall of 2019. No word of a chance for the immunocompromised to get early access. The greenhouse is still being rebuilt.

They are not taking donations, though maaybe after the sale they'll have room.


Aug 3, 2021. It's been a long time. No book sales that I know of, but I didn't really check, assuming they'd not be happening. A few bits to add, but nothing time dependent. Get vaccinated, I did, but there's a lot of doubt about the effectiveness on people who are immunocompromised, like me. It's been 2.5 years since I've been in a bookstore (I guess not quite, I did get into the used book store at the Monteal General a couple of times at the end of 2019).

If you're over 55, there is a senior price of $55 for membership in the Westmount Library, assuming you live elsewhere. The Atwater Library has a senior annual membership of $20, if you're 60 or older. The Jewish Public Library has a senior membership of $36, if you're 60 or older. It just went up, I should have joined when it was $30.

I was going to post anyway, but these (and likely other libraries) offer books and magazines in digital form, no need to visit the library. Movies too. Though I don't know if they will sign up new members online. The Jewish Public Library has digital only membership, for anyone, of $18 per year.

And we have to keep Tina Fontaine in our hearts, because Winnipeg grew out of Red River, and Red River was a Metis place, but that didn't protect her. What good is it to have streets named after family members if people like her get hurt so badly? Though oddly enough, one of the prosecutors is James Ross, leaving me wondering if he's a relative, named after the chief justice in the provisional government (and my great, great grandmother's brother) James Ross.

There's a Little Free Library outside St. Ansgar Lutheran Church, 4020 Grand (a short block up from Sherbrooke Street) in NDG. It wasn't there in November, I don't know when it went up. There's another one at 2353 Clifton (below Sherbrooke), at least there was last year, I've not checked recently. And of course, in NDG there are old Mirror newspaper boxes set up for the same sort of thing, leave books and take books, I've only see three. But theyw ere removed at one point, to regurbish, and the only one I've seen back up is outside that Coop near Melrose on Sherbrooke Street. The one on Monkland never returned, and I haven't seen the one at the Vendome Metro.

The Bimetallic Question. ie the local Sherlock Holmes Club, has their next bimonthly meeting Thursday April 2, 2020 at 18:30 in the Westmount Room of the Westmount Library.

Since I've had the above here for ages, I'll add the Montreal Science Fiction/Fantasy Association, which has meetings most months, or alternative events, and used to organize an annual ConCept here in Montreal. Meeting information at their website, but it probably can supply many SF needs. Note: in early 2020 they have announced that they will be moving from their long running location due to a tremendous increase in the rental fee, they aren't yet sure where their new location will be.

If anyone is selling books at garage sales this season, heed the words of one "missed connection" from some years back:

To the very cute guy having a yardsale today on st Urbain...
Your selection of books sucked though.

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